High traffic pavement. New Tarkett range


Infinite possibilities to customize commercial and hotel spaces to suit the client.

Tarkett is a company that has more than 130 years of experience in the manufacture of floors for domestic and professional uses. Among its main activities is the manufacture of laminate, wooden and vinyl floors for homes and also for other types of uses such as shops, hotels and public places.

Today I want to talk to you about a new product from the firm. It's about a pavement for heavy traffic which is included in the brand's always innovative approach, an approach that offers personalized solutions to its clients, with creative designs adapted to the latest trends.

Furthermore, it is a floor that brings recognition, iD Mixonomi Luxury Vinyl Tiles Collection Award.

La iD Mixonomi Luxury Vinyl Tiles collection has received the Red Dot award in the Product Design category thanks to its innovative nature and creative possibilities. Specifically, the jury highlighted “the variety and creativity of these modular vinyl tiles, which give the rooms a unique atmosphere due to their sophisticated style.”

iD Mixonomi has been conceived for designers and architects and what we like most is that can be fully customized: is a modular vinyl tile floor that features seven graphic shapes, inspired by a hexagon (plus three minifigures) and 33 colors, from neutrals, pastels and more saturated tones. Additionally, it includes five palettes:

  • Deep Dark: for luxurious and elegant spaces.
  • Cozy Neutrals: for cozy and comfortable interiors.
  • Spicy Warms: for exotic and sophisticated environments.
  • Tend Cakes: for a fresh and charming style.
  • Bold Primaries: for bold and playful interiors.

With all this we have at our disposal a great diversity of combinations, almost infinite and, in this way, it is possible to create designs for floors in shops and hotels completely adapted to what the client requests.

iD Mixonomi is a collection inspired by the shapes and colors of our planet. The design team of Tarkett captured the soul of places around the world to conceive this unique color palette that takes us to a tea market in India, Red Square in Moscow or a cozy hotel in Stockholm.

As I told you before, we really like this one. pavement for heavy traffic Tarkett for those customization options it offers, since it allows you to carry out some interior design projects of hotels and commercial spaces tailored to the client. 

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