Gardens, Pools and Outdoor Lounge Marina Garden 2


Year: 2024

Location hotel: Cap Cana. Dominican Republic

Area 4.435,75m2

Client: Gesproin Group

Renderings: www.egmor.com

Marina Garden 2 is located in Marina Cap Cana, neighboring Dominican Republic and as a continuation of the Marina Garden 1 project.

It is a building with 63 apartments and 21 penthouses.

The proposal deals with the design and realization of the community space of this building.

It takes place in two areas. In each of them an Infinity Pool is projected, a Lounge space with furniture and toilets.

It is a comprehensive project, executed in which every last detail is reached, such as pavements, lighting and the definition of plant species, creating a garden with native species.

The connection with the existing pedestrian promenade and the pier that surrounds the property is also enabled.

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