Renovation of Rooms and Terrace Oasis Backpackers Hotel


Year: 2018

Location hotel: Sevilla, Spain

Area - m2

Client: Oasis Backpackers

Photographer: Juanca Lagares

Located in the old town of Seville in a house with a façade cataloged by the historical archive, we find this hostel with 210 beds and services that even include a swimming pool on the roof.

Given the compliance with the obsolescence cycles of aesthetics and therefore the sales capacity of the product, the hotel lobby had to be intervened to attract new audiences and increase RevPAR. 

The main objective: a low-cost and non-aggressive intervention at a formal level with a radical change in the color palette, lighting and new furniture.

New colors; new counter; Wallpaper from Tres Tintas and lamps from Dajor lighting are the basis of this renovation.

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