Lleida, 2011

The project is based on the premise of capturing the client’s attention from the street and inviting them to come in. The expansion of the client’s chain of shops in a privileged area of Lleida, opted for nurturing the loyalty of its long-term clients, within a new inviting, feminine and elegant space.

Customised service for members of the public and care in the display of the product were key factors in the interior design.

When working on the space we paid special attention to the colour palette, finishes and natural wood. The additional furnishings are by Baltus.

The lighting design was fundamental in the configuration of the different display areas. The technical lighting supplier was Lluria Iluminación.

The lacquered wood furnishings and large scale hanging rails to respect the dual space in one area of the shop formed the basis that enabled us to configure several sections for this multibrand shop.

Creative direction: Oscar Trilla
Manager: Oscar Trilla

Surface area: 100m2

Surface area: 140m2

Client: Marta Melé

Photography: Mireia Rodríguez


Project Management, Retail and Interior Design